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2214 NE McDonald Lane McMinnville, OR 97128

We value our patients' experience at Kearns Chiropractic Clinic, Inc.. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Readere to view.

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Dr. Cressie Kearns


Meet Julie Ann:

Julie Ann

 With difficulty walking, Julie Ann first entered through the door of George Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. on 1/16/2006 and her sweet smile has since blessed us each time she enters and leaves.  Julie Ann had never sought chiropractic care previous to seeing Dr. George.  She was desperate for pain relief and desire-some of improving her quality of life.  She had been told that her Fibromyalgia was the root cause of her pain and symptoms and she was unable to find relief from the many medications she was taking.

"My lifestyle has changed dramatically", says Julie Ann, a wife and mother of four energetic girls.  "By my second adjustment, I could walk across the room, which had become very difficult to do.  Now, I am able to enjoy many physical activities with my family", replied Julie Ann.  "My Fibromyalgia pain is controlled with maintenance care adjustments and I will likely continue them indefinitely."

Julie Ann has seen benefits of chiropractic extend beyond herself.  Her whole family receives maintenance care adjustments now.  Prior to starting care her husband Kendall previously suffered with knee pain, one daughter migraine headaches, and another daughter with bed-wetting.  "We really enjoy our visits.  It's like coming to visit friends rather than going to a doctor's appointment.  Dr. George has helped my family and I so much and I have also referred several of my friends to Dr. George" says Julie Ann.

Meet Audrey:

AudreyAudrey suffered with a severe case of vertigo and decided to seek chiropractic care for relief.  What she found was that it not only helped to relieve her dizziness, but that chiropracted treatment relieved her Fibromyalgia symptoms as well.  "My pain has definitely lessened since seeking care from Dr. George, and I am impressed with him and his staff" stated Audrey.  Dr. George recommended that Audrey change her diet as well.  He has her eating more fruit, vegetables, and taking Colostrum to boost her immune system.

Audrey sought chiropractic care once before in 1967.  A current patient of Dr. George's told Audreay about Dr. George and encouraged her to schedule an appointment with him.  Now, Audrey tells everyone in pain about George Chiropractic Clinic.  "Chiropractic works" says Audrey.

Meet Cheri:


Cheri's Multiple Sclerosis condition caused her to seek chiropractic care.  She suffered from back and neck pain, and would fall for no apparent reason.  This pain would come and go throughout her day causing many difficulties.  She has a long history for the love of chiropractic.  "When I was very small a chiropractor in Tillamook got my mom walking when the medical doctors said she would never walk," said Cheri.  Witnessing this had always caused Cheri to seek chiropractic care first and medical care only if necessary.  When she lived in Washington she received chiropractic treatment, which was successful and motivated her to work part time for the chiropractor.

When she moved to the McMinnville area she decided to continue her chiropractic treatment.  She came into George Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. and she "immediately felt at home with Dr. George" Cheri says.  Not only was it Dr. George's recommendation to continue getting adjusted regularly, Cheri herself feels she is more able to keep the Multiple Sclerosis "in check" when her spine is aligned and her body's circulation is open.

Cheri is not the only person in her family whom receives chiropractic care.  Her husband, Lee, who sees Dr. George too has a disc problem and her mom is able to walk much better after receiving chiropractic treatment.  Cheri has witnessed the power of chiropractic care not only within her, but with her loved ones as well.  She says, "I would not even consider stopping."

Meet Bob and Barbara:

Bob and Barbara understand that our health is our most valuable possession, and they believe that chiropractic is a way of awakening, correcting and maintaining one's innate ability to heal and fight off disease.  They have a history of chiropractic care, and in May of 2006 they were introduced to George Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. at a health screening.

When asked what benefits they have reaped since beginning care with us, Barbara said that she appreciates the knowledge and understanding she has gained regarding her personal health and the security of knowing she has someone who can relax the strained muscles she constantly has. "I have experienced real change for the better explained Barbara.  "My lower back ache is mostly gone and my knees are stronger and hurt less, especially when going down stairs", says Bob.

"We like your professionalism and friendly, pleasant office staff, and the way our appointments are scheduled out in advance (flexible if I have to change dates)", said Bob and Barb.


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